Performance Monitoring & Analysis Service

Our performance monitoring & analysis service monitors and analyzes the status of system load and the system performance which fluctuates in proportion to system load.


Load on a system fluctuates by the minute because of change of business requirements and a trend, for example, an occurrence of some event. The limit of system performance is exceeded because of these factors, so that a system slows down and gives a severe impact on a business. To prevent influence on a business, system performance should be always monitored and a slow-down ought to be improved proactively.


This performance monitoring & analysis service has the following characteristics:

  • Performance is analyzed not only based on the performance metrics in a system but also from the viewpoint of the impact on a business, such as an influence on users and a batch processing time.
  • As this service is free of vendor, it does not analyze relyinging on specific products but considers an entire system.
  • This service is not just limited to conduct present data analysis but collect performance risks which might occur in the future from the analysis results and proposes improvement plans to prevent the risks proactively.