Performance optimization solution realized by Macaseinou Box

Macaseinou Box is the compliation of our experiences, knowledge, and know-hows that prevents system slow-down proactively to guard our client’s business transactions.


Even if an operating system satisfies its performance requirements when it is released, performance degradation may occur on the system due to the following factors. Such a case has been increasing.

  • Increase of number of users and data volume
  • Shift of usage of a system
  • Unexpected access peak due to some event

These factors cause system to slow down, impacting businesses deploying the system.

To prevent the influence on business, system performance should be always monitored/analyzed and a slow-down should be improved preventively.

Concept of Macaseinou Box

  • Prevention of slow-down

    It enables you to grasp the sign of a slow-down and improve performance before a slow-down occurs on an operating system.

  • Automatic analysis of bottlenecks

    Macaseinou makes it possible to analyze bottlenecks automatically based on the key points for performance improvement gained from our system development projects.

  • Unified management of performance information

    Various metrics needed for performance analysis and selected based on Macaseinou’s experience are obtained in real time from systems and are unitarily managed on the database of Macaseinou Box.