Background of the launch of our service

Performance requirements for recent information systems have been advanced and its configuration technologies have been diversified so have development projects. In addition to this, an impact on business when a performance problem occurs has been becoming larger in scale increasingly.

To prevent these risks, it is necessary to have advanced know-hows of elemental technology and be able to see the full picture of the system from our viewpoint of business, together with our clients.

Macaseinou has launched the performance professional services to meet such client’s needs.

Needs of the service

  • Advancement of performance requirements

    • Requirements from clients for “Load volume”
      • It varies depending on the number of clients connected with the system.
      • If there is a monthly or an annual busy period, the load volume of the peak time is the target.
      • For the Internet system typified by a BtoC business model (over 1000 TPS), it is also important to control a sudden load increase actively utilizing flow rate control and so on.
    • “Reference volume of data search” requirement
      • A volume of data accumulated in databases has been increasing explosively in every system area
      • An increase of the retention period of history data is one factor.
      • An increase of the data length per transaction due to a rise in the verbosity level of accumulated data is the other factor.
  • Diversification of system configuration technologies

    As system configuration technologies and vendors providing systems have been diversified, In case a problem occurs, vendors could analyze only areas within their responsibility and that makes analysis of the true cause difficult.

  • Advancement and diversification of development project

    If a system is developed internally, know-hows are accumulated only in the implementation range of internal own project. Therefore, a system is often built with apprehension about its performance when selecting a new product or an unexperienced architecture.

    Developers commonly believe that some other system has a similar configuration to the ones they develop, and avoid following in the same footsteps of the performance problem occurs in the similar system.

    Macaseinou makes it possible to apply the most appropriate knowledge from business-related, functional, or non-functional requirements of each system by converting numerous solution cases of multivendor products which have been collected into knowledge which is reusable.