Our Mission What’s Macaseinou?

Macaseinou is a professional consultant of system performance. We use “performance” as a keyword and aggregate the knowledge based on our numerous achievements in supporting activities for all risks, subjects and problems of system development and operation.



Performance requirements for recent information systems have been advanced and its configuration technologies have been diversified so have development projects. In addition to this, an impact on business when a performance problem occurs has been becoming larger in scale increasingly.

Details of Background



Macaseinou is involved in the projects on the scale of a hundred a year, providing system performance consulting services under the following concepts in order to optimize our client’s business.

Details of Concepts

  • Proactive Methodology

    In order to prevent performance problems, Macaseinou applies knowledge-based solutions based on the cases addressed in the past, and see through performance risks occuring throughout the system life cycle.

  • Multivendor Control

    In order to support any product including the open source architecture as well as the products manufactured by each vendor and supervise the entire system, Macaseinou contacts the vendors on behalf of our clients.

  • High-performance Computing

    Based on the characteristics of each vendor’s products, Macaseinou designs systems handling a higher transaction, high-volume data processing, realizing the most appropriate system performance matching the business requirements of the clients.

  • Test/Analysis Process of High Productivity Type

    Macaseinou supports performance test and problem analysis for our clients by creating a scenario with an efficient scenario generator and using an analysis tool realizing an automatic collection for the test results, and a high-quality bottle-neck analysis (Macaseinou Box).

Macaseinou Box

Macaseinou Box

Macaseinou Box is the compliation of our experiences, knowledge, and know-hows that prevents system slow-down proactively to guard our client’s business transactions.

Details of Macaseinou Box