Our Approach Approach to Solution

In order to endeavour to solve our client's problem, Macaseinou brings forward the project considering optimization of business of our clients at all times.

Flow of Service Implementation

Initial contact

  • Initial contact

Fill in the inquiry form with necessary information for initial contact with Macaseinou.
For the preparation for our project launch, the person in charge replies you.

Before the launch of a service

  • Hearing
  • Schedule sharing

In preparation for the launch of a service, hearing about your request and current problems is conducted and a meeting is held. Macaseinou provides an approach for the solution to extract your true setbacks. After that the concrete service schedule and the conceptual diagram of the project output are shared.

These are conducted/proposed for the service

  • Present status analysis and trouble extraction
  • Implementation of solutions and presentation of action plans

The service varies depending on your issues. However, generally our consultants who achieved excellent performances or top class engineers specialized in various system fields analyze and diagnose the present status by utilizing the knowledge and solutions gained by thousands of experiences of system projects.
Then, a scenario in which the goal of the problem solution is drawn and the feasibility are proposed.
In addition, in order for your system team to accumulate know-hows, it is also possible to implement the measures toward solution together with the team.

Follow-up and support

  • Follow-up
  • Regular performance diagnosis
  • Long-term support

Once you introduce Macaseinou Box through the performance monitoring & analysis service, Macaseinou will submit the regular performance diagnosis report to present information about the detection of the sign of performance problems. In addition, in case a performance problem arises, the cause is made clear immediately by utilizing the performance information data collected in Macaseinou Box, and the support toward the solution is implemented.

Moreover, a long-term total support is carried out by regular counseling or diagnosing at your request.

Preparation for the launch of next-term service

  • Proposal toward system development

Even for the next-term system development, Macaseinou supports you for your further business optimization.
Besides, for the sizing or performance design of the next-term system, Macaseinou also utilizes the performance information data collected in Macaseinou Box to realize analysis and proposal based on the real data.
Macaseinou will watch your system continuously  even after the service as your system doctor.